Badass Boot Giveaway from After the Bubbly and Country Outfitter

This giveaway is now closed. And the winner is… Patty Stith! Can’t wait to see your boots, girl!

This is the child I birthed wearing the boots that were so generously given to me by Country Outfitters back in the spring at the Bean2Blog event at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm, aka the home of big ass vegetables.

Why is my daughter wearing my kickass boots? Because she’s twelve. And she stole them. That’s right. I’m living with a boot thief. 

She had heard, around camp, at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged retreat, that someone–maybe the Rockstar of Social Media for Acumen Brands’ Country Outfitters–had some kind of Oprah complex that compelled her to give boots away to every blogger in attendance.

I tried to explain to my precious girl that I already had my boots–my badass and beautiful Women’s Rodeobaby Relic Boot – Glossy Tan/Deep Teal. They have skulls, see that? Anyway I told my daughter many times I wasn’t going to get another free pair of boots. I would instead do a boot giveaway.

She did not believe me.

It became especially difficult to convince her that there would indeed be no new boots when the Kiwi shoe polish swag arrived in our room. (Thank you S.C. Johnson, a family company.)

“Mom, you’re TOTALLY getting boots.”

“I’m not.”

“Can I have them?”

“Seriously. I’m telling the truth. I know Oprah.”

“Do you think they’re black? Because the polish is black. I hope they’re black.”

That girl had to have boots. So I gave her mine. To wear. For the night.

I have no idea where they are now.

All this to say, I’m partnering with Country Outfitter to give away a pair of boots! And you can get whatever you want because the deal is you get a $150 gift certificate to their site, on which you can pick out anything from badass rocker boots, to country cowgirl charmers, to work boots to stinkin’ cute you’ll want to go muck a stall.

How to enter to win $150 to spend on the boots of your choice!

Country Outfitter is giving you a chance to win a $150 gift certificate to go shopping on them! You could pick something like my skulls and rock-n-roll boots or more traditional women’s cowboy boots, or whatEVER you like! Love that about this giveaway.We are making it so simple for you to enter in just two little steps.

1. Click here & submit your email address to Country Outfitter (you may recieve occassional emails from them).

2. Leave a comment here on the blog letting me know you submitted your email to Country Outfitter.A random winner will be selected in one week (Wednesday, October 3, 2012) after 6pm CST.


NOTE: The original deadline of 9/19 has been extended to 10/3.

Dear FTC: Country Outfitter gave me those killer boots up there, which my daughter has adopted. Wasn’t that nice of them?

100 thoughts on “Badass Boot Giveaway from After the Bubbly and Country Outfitter

  1. What a great giveaway. Back in the day, I used to wear combat boots. Now I live in the country and would adore upgrading to some kick-ass footwear that is more apropos….& so my kid doesn’t have to hear ‘your mother wears combat boots in the shower’.

  2. Take me home, country roads…Yup! I need these boots! Grew up on the Canadian prairies, went to the Rodeo every year; don’t ask me how I ended up on the East Coast…just the right amount of badass to wear to my first PTA meeting…

  3. I grew up in cowgirl boots (part of life on a pony farm) and it’s been so long since I’ve had a new pair. I’m coveting most of the ones on their site right now.

  4. I entered and just as it was sending off to you, I realized I mispelled my email. Here is the correct one in case I wasn’t eligible with the wrong one.

  5. Oops, I don’t know where the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” came from? And I got so excited that I forgot to write “pair” lol!

  6. I entered my email! Oh the decisions I would have to make if I won! First would be will I get a pair for myself or for my 5 year old cowgirl wanna be daughter! Most likely I would surprise my daughter with a pair!

  7. I am desperately trying to win a pair of these badass boots. Of course, until I read your post it didn’t register with me that I will have to lock them away like it’s Fort Knox when GrandPrincess #1 visits…dang 9 year old already has feet the same size as mine and struts my stilettos far too well….

  8. Lela – I have given my email address to Country Outfitter. I would like some new boots for my birthday, so even if I don’t win maybe you could coerse Steph to send me some anyway. Thanks.

  9. I left my e-mail address with them….for the 4th time since I’ve heard about them because i love their boots so much and want to win some! LOL I keep trying in their giveaways…maybe I’ll win this one?

  10. Woohoo! Mama needs a new pair of boots. No, seriously, I’m heading to a dude ranch next week and really, really need a pair of boots.

    Thanks, Lela

  11. Thank you for allowing us to benefit from your boot giveaway. I’ve submitted my email address and hopefully posting a pic of me & my boots soon.

  12. Lela – The boots are making me green with envy. Now that I’m not in Arkansas I also love playing up my southern roots, by wearing boots at all sorts of occasions. And yes I added my email address.

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