Candy Corn Crack: It's Back!


I tried. I tried really really really hard to wait until October 1st to make this. But I failed.

Every time I walked into Walmart the candy corn taunted me with it’s promise of buttery goodness and festive colors. Face it, candy corn is the harbinger of fall–my favorite season. Not only that, candy corn is more than food. It is decor.

When you put it in a bowl with M&Ms and salty roasted peanuts it becomes the food of the gods. At least the October gods, or in my case, the divinities of mid-September. Am I worried about my thighs? Not so much. Also not concerned with my bingo arms or my candy corn ass. Eat this stuff and you won’t care about anything either, besides scoring the ideal bite, which in my opinion consists of one candy corn, one M&M, and one whole peanut. A half peanut won’t do, and they tend to separate, so you’ll need to grab two halves. Got it?


Equal parts, give or take. If the beasts that live at your house steal the candy corn you’re going to have to replenish that to get back to the right ratio. Maintenance, I know, but it’s worth it.


Candy Corn Crack is my October martini. What’s yours?

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