Who Do You Think You Are?

I’m pretty sure you have something to say. Why else would you spend your most valuable resource– your time– wiggling your fingers over the keyboard, searching for just the right way to express the latest thought trying to get out of your head?

If you are drawn to write, or speak, or post, or update, there’s a reason. Just because you don’t yet fully understand that reason yet does not make it any less real or important. Have a little faith that your desire to write is not a curse, but a blessing you will figure out.


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If You See Something, Say Something


A couple years ago I drew the lucky boarding pass. I found my seat in the last row in one of those tiny three-across planes that shuttle weary corporate types from Bentonville to Dallas where we scatter to terminals A through D and larger planes that take us to conference rooms across the country. I looked forward to an hour with my seatback in the upright position, trying to avoid awkward eye contact with people who forgot to forego the early morning coffee.

At least I got the aisle seat.

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