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Writing is hard. No point in denying it. Writing is lonely, messy, and ultimately terrifying when you finally put your words out into the world for all to criticize.

Not to mention, writing can be really boring. For every clever turn of phrase and brilliant-if-I-do-say-so-myself word choice, there are dozens of hours battling with the blank page and wrangling complex ideas into line. The editing never ends, especially not after you’ve hit publish on a post or committed ink to paper.

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Faking Balance Launch, Party Pictures Edition

It only took me two months to post the Faking Balance launch party pictures to Facebook. And another month to get them archived here. This is how it works when your to-do list never ends. We get to decide that which we do first, second, and maybe never. At work, we call this ‘ruthless prioritization.’ We have to continuously evaluate what it is we will focus on. Some things that are important never actually make it to the top of the list. But those most critical tasks always get done. Eventually.

Celebrating the celebration of a new book in the world, my book– that’s very, very important. So, here you have it. Everything in its own perfect time. That’s #FakingBalance.

Faking Balance Launch Party In Pictures

Lela Davidson booksPosh Alley Boutique and the Urban Tub are the most amazing hosts. Faking Balance launch party

They even make a signature scent for Faking Balance AND procure these adorable leather bracelets.


Christina finds her name in the acknowledgements. This page is probably going to be shadow-boxed and put on display in her family room.

Faking Balance Lela Davidson

Sharon is explaining to her daughter why it is important to have friends who can make you laugh until you pee. I’m guessing.

Faking Balance launch Lela Davidson

Obviously, there is wine. Thankfully, Kristin knows how to get the bottles open QUICKLY. Because my work is best consumed with wine.

Faking Balance book launch

The most fun occurs in close proximity to the wine table.

high heel cupcakes

Of course there are also pink shoes.

Lela Davidson author

I am most comfortable with a Sharpie in hand. And people asking for my autograph. Not too proud to admit that.

Lela Davidson author party

Did you know? Faking Balance is also for boys.

Faking Balance biggest fan

Allison is Faking Balance’s biggest fan. Mostly because it’s hilarious. As you can see.

Lela Davidson books

John and Yvonne are studying the pieces about marriage. Because I am a wise sage and have managed to stay married for 100 years.

Faking Balance launch

Sarah can’t wait to go home and read.

Faking Balance Lela Davidson

Becky, Joyce, Meredith and Sarah, like so many others, use the Faking Balance launch party as an excuse to get together.

Lela Davidson book party

And this guy. Just excited the party has come and gone.

Thanks to all who made it out that night to celebrate the launch of Faking Balance: Adventures in Work and Life with us, and to the many more who were there in spirit.

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Images: Meredith Mashburn Photography