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  1. Hi Lela!

    I read your article “The Trouble with Elbow Sneezes.” I agree with your findings. It’s partly why I invented the Coughy Cup. It’s a new approach to managing the spread of cold and flu. I hope you’ll check it out at http://www.CoughyCup.com. It’s also for sneezing. An optional lid makes it possible to both sneeze and cough. My ultimate goal is to have a Coughy Cup (with tissue dispenser and cough/sneeze lid) in every child’s school book bag.

  2. Regarding crawling helmets for kids, i thought your article made you come across as a total fucktard. Dunno if you’re aware but wearing protection enables you to practise things safely and for longer, and getting injured puts you off and stops you practising. Sure we live in a world of overkill, but you’re way off the money on this one.

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