Davidson 2016: I Approve This Message

Goodbye candidates. Goodbye constant coverage. Goodbye scary sky-is-falling messaging. There will be no gloating today in our bi-partisan household. We will simply reach across the dishwasher to meet the critical challenges facing our household–like how to load the dishwasher–because that’s what you do in a democracy.

Maybe I’m getting old or maybe it was all the misogynistic douche-baggery displayed this year, but the election has made me realize how little I contribute to the public discourse and how, as a grown woman, I may need to change that. You know, eventually.

“Should I run for office?” I asked my kids this morning.

They each made a face, unique, yet communicating the same sentiment.

“You don’t really have the image for that,” my daughter told me.

“Yeah,” said her brother.

“In a debate you’d be all, ‘Are you kidding me? He is totally lying!’”

They are right. I’d be rolling my eyes and sighing, too. So, I won’t run for office any time soon. I’ll just have to do something else.

On second thought, if someone can get the cast of West Wing to campaign for me, I’ll run. Right now, I’m just in the mood to get a little Diane Sawyered. Is it really only Wednesday?

Image: Vox Efx, Flickr

Lela Davidson

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