Education Nation, New York City: Day 2

This is the second in my series about my recent trip to NBC’s Education Nation in New York City. If you missed Day 1, you are really missing out. I suggest reading it now.


Before leaving Northwest Arkansas, I was contacted by NBC’s version of the Secret Service for my background check. Because there would be “high ranking government officials” in attendance, they had to make sure I wasn’t a security threat. I think the photo I sent them proves this. However, this is not the photo I sent them, so we can rest assured that they at least looked at my website before they granted clearance. And still let me attend!


Maybe you didn’t notice, but that pass says “Production,” which means my team and I did not have to walk in the front door like regular people. No, we had the privilege of entering through the loading dock. That’s what TV people do.


This is the view inside the New York City Public Library, as transformed by at least 50 individuals–all busy at something, and presumably the actual “Production” crew.


Brian Williams in the flesh. Looking hung over, but actually just sleep deprived–due to a Springsteen concert that didn’t end until 2:15. He might have mentioned that. A few times.


Jenna Bush Hagar, in a portrait technique I like to call, “I’m not taking your picture. I’m just reading a text message at eye-level while pointing the lens over my shoulder.” She seemed incredibly nervous, but probably not because I’m a stalker.


These are the stars of “Won’t Back Down.” Maggie Gyllenhaal and that excellent actress from “The Help,” whose name we will all know by her next big movie, I’m sure. And you can’t tell but on the end is Rosie Perez, who shared her story about being teased about her speech impediment before a teacher finally got her some help.

Next stop: Movie premiere of “Won’t Back Down” at the Ziegfeld Theater.


This is fellow iVillage iVoice Amanda Rodriguez, one of my roommates, and partner in crime on the red carpet. Well, actually, near the red carpet. But who’s counting?


Here with Amanda and Sharon Rowley, our other roommate and iVillage iVoice. This is right before they told us we weren’t on the list. Oops.


“Seriously, you’re not on the list. Try that line.”


We made it into the theater in time to get the good seats. Someone spilled an enormous quantity of popcorn. Speculate amongst yourselves.

We also hung out with Maggie Gyllenhaal. See? We’re buds. And you would not believe the stuff she told me about James Spader. Gardening tools, that’s all I’m going to say.


Famous last words: “We’ll just get a taxi.”

Cabs can be tough to find, but I like to walk. And take pictures.


After a full day I need some quality time alone with a goose, a grey one. The bar at the Westin Times Square has a great view, and the eavesdropping was fantastic.

I dare you to find something that tastes better at the end of the day than $25 martini.

Stay tuned for Day 3. Coming up next.

Images: Lela Davidson

3 thoughts on “Education Nation, New York City: Day 2

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  2. OK, you piqued my interest…what did Maggie say about James? It’s just not fair to put it out there, and then not tell. 😉

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