Embracing Football Season for All the Right Reasons

Ah… football season. That time of year when a lot of people get really into a game that I stubbornly refuse to embrace. Sometimes I annoy them by asking the same questions over and over. I sort of know about the downs and the touchdowns and field goals, but I like to see how many times people will answer the same question. In a season. In a game.

Even though I’m not a fan, I like football. Here’s why.

Football is the Soundtrack of Fall

The teams, the injuries, the colorful little men running around my television–none of it means a thing to me, but I love to listen to it all in stereo surround sound. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing chores around the house, reading, writing, or meditating on a chocolate cupcake, I love the sound of a game. It’s a signal to my subconscious that yes, fall is actually here. You see, there are those of us who love the season for reasons other than plays and yardage. In my case, the reason is usually that I get to cover more of my body in compression fabrics. The other message my brain receives when I hear a game: I am not going to be bothered by the person watching it for hours. HOURS! Thank you, orchestral maneuvers of the NFL.

Football is an Excuse

I have a Type A personality. Always have to be doing something, feeling productive. It’s annoying, seriously. I want to lie around and do nothing, too! I do, but my personality just won’t let me. Any free time and it’s all, “Hey, are you bored? Because I saw on Pinterest that you can make your own iPhone case out of old forks and Saran Wrap!” Football season gives me the excuse to spend an entire afternoon doing not much of anything more strenuous than taking a nap on the couch with someone else who is using footballl as a excuse, too.

Football is a Party

No one in our family is a true football fan. (Don’t tell my husband I said that. He’s trying to pass.) However, our lack of enthusiasm for the gridiron did not stop us from participating in family fantasy football last year. We were SO into it. We were–for the entire 24 hours it took to think up cool names like Bone Crushers and Spanx. Still, come January we hosted a Super Bowl party. Because who doesn’t love a gathering based around boneless fried meats and dipping sauce? (And homemade football shaped chocolate shortbread cookies made with four pounds of butter.) Who doesn’t love criticizing the half-time entertainment? Who doesn’t love purging your emotions with a groan of pain when your favorite guy (maybe it’s the quarterback, I don’t know) drops the ball. Or there’s one of those interception thingies.

We love that, right?

Some of my best friends are diehard football fans. I will continue to enjoy the game vicariously through them. For me, for now, it’s all about the glory of the sounds, the excuses, and the parties.

How about you? Are you ready for some football?

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Dear FTC: I was selected for this post and compensated by Pepsi. Maybe because I’m the Pepsi Generation, maybe not. They didn’t say. All content and opinions expressed are my own. And while we’re on the subject–not a fan of football, but I do like Pepsi.

Image: Lela Davidson

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