Get Paid to Write in 2018

Are you ready to turn your scribbles into something more?

I’m a believer that once you get paid to write, you’ll write better and more often. Cash money has a way of motivating us like that.

In addition to simply giving you more practice, writing for money, on deadline, to spec, also develops your ability to connect with a specific audience and slant your content in different ways. Writing for money helps you see your work as something you do not something you are, which can be an important distinction when trying to shut down that Dark Chatter that whispers we can’t.

We know we can. So let’s DO in 2018.

In this session students will inventory their work, identify markets, and craft a personal plan for getting paid to write in 2018. We will be highly hands-on, but we will not be writing in this session, outside of a quick warm up to get us in the right mental space.

This session is all about the Business of writing, and how that Business mindset can make you a better writer.

Saturday, November 11, 10:am – 2pm
Location: TBD in Rogers.

UPDATE: This class is now full. 

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At Second Story Writer’s Workshop: 

We make writers who shuffle the world with their words, modest and mighty.

We make writers of mothers, fathers, elders, daughters, sons, optimists, cynics, readers, skimmers, dreamers, doers, seekers and wannabes from novice to polished.

We make writers whose voices color the world irreverent, witty, vivid and vulnerable.

We make writers whose voices shine, because our voices light the way.

When you find your voice you rule your world, and when you use your voice, you change the world.

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