Jingle Jam

Christmas letter writing party

Bring back the Christmas letter!

Long before social media had us sharing our every slightest victory, we had another tool to announce our fortunes to the world: The humble Christmas letter. It has become a lost art, and this year, we’re bringing it back!

#BringBack the #ChristmasLetter

In early December we will gather for a morning of mimosas and other sweets, as well as fun, frivolous, and focused writing.

In this session of whimsical scribbling, we will explore a range of different formats the Christmas letter might take before selecting the one that feels like magic and fleshing it out into something that will make far-flung friends and family smile and shake their heads and feel grateful for the winter wonderland that is December.

We’ll be calling on all the elfin magic in Santa’s shop to help us welcome the holiday season with a creative boost.

Party goers leave with a goodie bag of words that come together in a tidy update of everything that mattered to your family in 2016. Whether you prefer a page packed with prose, or short and punchy one liners to punctuate your Christmas infographic, we’re here to help you craft a draft that will become a family keepsake and a joy to all who receive.

Bonus: Meet others who love to play with words, and find out what Second Story is all about!

(Also, mimosas.)

If you’re new to writing, or you’ve lapsed, this is a great way to dip your sparkly painted holiday toe into a group writing experience. You might find out you need even more writing in your life!

And that’s a great start to any holiday season.

WHO:         Writers, lapsed writers, wannabe writers, and Holiday Enthusiasts
WHAT:        Christmas letter Play, Share, and Edit
WHY:          Because SANTA IS REAL
WHERE:     Second Story Writer’s Workshop Story Space (space is limited!)
WHEN:       December 3, 2016 — 10am – 1pm


Double your fun: Grab a spot for yourself, and one for a friend!

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