I am so grateful to be able to do what I love. And it takes the support of many, many people to make this kind of work possible. Here’s where I thank those who have helped my writing career along the way. It is a work in process, and I’m starting with the magazine editors I’ve worked with in 2011.

Thank You…

The Magazine Editors:

Kim Enderle, Peekaboo NWA. Forever grateful for being the first to take a chance on After the Bubbly print.

Tamara O’Shaughnessy, Chicago Parent. For making me feel like a big city writer, I thank you.

Kiki Bochi, Broward Family Life. Forever grateful to be published under the banner, “Words of Wisdom.”

Kim Pleticha, Parent:Wise Austin. Getting published in Austin is a big deal.

Dana Donovan, Houston Family Magazine. Being published in Texas always makes me feel big.

Gerri Friscia, Staten Island Parent. Practically giddy over my first New York City metro area clip!

Liz White, Atlanta Parent. So proud to contribute.

Rebecca Christman, Metroparent Magazine. I always appreciate the kind words on submissions!

Adrienne Richardson, South Jersey MOM. Big thanks to one of my very first non-local magazines.

Chad Young, Nashville Parent. Grateful to be just a little bit country.

Melissa Michta, Calgary’s Child. Honored to be part of this magazine.

Emily Griffin, Savvy Kids. Thank you for my first Little Rock publication!

Marianne Dolcini, Sonoma Family Life. Honored to contribute.

Jennifer Pyron, Little Rock Family. Thank you for another opportunity to publish in my adopted state.

Betsy Bethel-McFarland, Ohio Valley Parent. I appreciate the support–and the junk drawer confession.

Tamara McKee, Durham Parent. Super excited to go international with my first Canadian publication.

Scott Armstrong, Parents’ Source. Thank you for the continued support.

Posie Thompson, Parenting Plus Magazine. Thank you!

Forrest Phillips, BC Parent. Feels wonderful to be published so close to my home town of Bellingham.

Leigh Ann Van Doren, Fredericksburg Parent & Family. I appreciate your support.

Leigh Ripley, Montana Parent. Loving the idea of my little words under the big sky.

Emily Clark, Suburban Parent Magazines. Thanks for supporting my work.

DeAnne Watson, Montgomery Parents and Eastern Shore Parents. Thank you!

Christy Penka, Toledo Area Parent, Ann Arbor Family News, and Findlay Area Family. I appreciate you!

Jillian Melnyk, Genesee Valley Parent. Such a sweetheart of an editor.

Sue Wolf, Suburban Focus Magazine. Thrilled to be a part of this publication.