Want to be the HERO of your next event?

You raised your hand and now it’s on you to create an experience your group will be talking, tweeting, and raving about until it’s time for the next brave soul to raise her hand and do it all over again.

I know how much work goes into planning a great event. And I promise to make it easier than plotting a girls night out.

Most important, I’ll make you look like a superhero.

Make sure you book a work life balance speaker who GETS your group.

work life balance speakerFrom the boardroom to the backyard, we are overwhelmed. Between deadlines, dropping the ball on dinner, and dreaming of a good night’s sleep, it’s no wonder we’re exhausted. Despite our success and accomplishments, we can’t escape feeling we are letting someone down.

Bosses, spouses, humans we created, they’re all counting on us to do the right things, at the right times, for all the right reasons. As a wife and mother who leads a multi-million dollar media company, I have learned to lean without maxing out. My latest book, Faking Balance: Adventures in Work and Life, is an Amazon best-seller and required reading in university courses on work-life stress. My simple formula can help anyone take control, get exactly what they want, and enjoy the process.

Because invincible beats overwhelmed every day.

Together we’ll make sure my presentation gets your crowd having fun and taking action.

Your event is a huge investment in your audience and I am committed to giving you a significant return on that investment.

We will customize every detail, from the content to the delivery to the time you need to fill.

From the playroom to the board room, I’ve been there. From spreadsheet days to red carpet nights, I’ve had my share of unique experiences and celebrity encounters. I use all this to deliver important messages in entertaining packages.

My stories resonate. I know because every time I speak, women line up afterwards, telling me how much they enjoyed it and asking me to speak at their next event.

I am available to speak to your group or conference session about media, marketing, and work life balance.

I am also highly qualified to lead creative writing sessions, discuss Downton Abbey, The Newsroom, and The Walking Dead, as well as share strategies for surviving 10-14 days of a Whole30 diet.

I’d love to get on the phone to see if we’d make a good team.

Happy Event Planners Say:
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“Lela was amazing to work with and delivered an engaging talk that met our conference
goals and was a hit with the attendees.   The survey results were overwhelmingly positive. We will definitely bring her back any time we need to energize our members!”

~Tina Winham, President of the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas


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“Both ridiculously funny and truly inspiring, Lela spoke to our local MOPS group about why it is vital to “date” your husband and how to go about doing it. We all left feeling ready to plan our next date. We laughed and we cried and we loved every minute of it.”

~Stephanie McCratic, CEO of Acorn: An Influence Company


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“Lela Davidson has a concise and engaging presentation style. Lela manages to deliver a detailed business development story through an eloquent use of language and statistics. Offering a thorough description of how she has overseen impressive growth at Acumen Brands, Lela is a proven creative strategist who shares interesting case-studies and offers precise answers to an audiences questions.”
~Rose Johnstone, International Events Director at Innovation Enterprise

Relevant Press:

work life balance speaker
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Popular Talks:

  • Faking Balance: Overwhelmed to Invicible in 3 Simple Steps
  • How to Have the Life Your Facebook Friends Think You Have
  • Stay Balanced in An Over-Achiever’s World: 7 Secrets for Happier, Healthier, More Productive Days
  • Mastery Not Required: Reinvention 101
  • Top 10 Reasons to Date Your Spouse
  • Give Big Without Volunteering Your Life Away: 10 Ways to Guard Your Time for the Things You Really Love
  • Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from my Girlfriends
  • How to Negotiate Everything, and Other Critical Skills for Women in Leadership

Lela in Action


Is Lela’s style right for your group?

More meeting planners’ experiences:

“Be INSPIREd” is the theme of a women’s gathering that has become an annual event at our church. This year we invited Lela to share her stories and inspire us in a new way! We felt that she would appeal to our younger church members. The real joy that evening was to see that Lela’s stories and pointers crossed all generations. A look around the room saw grandmothers and newlyweds alike smiling and shaking their heads. They could each identify with Lela! Lela made us laugh…she made us look at our lives in a new way…and she inspired us!”  ~Harriet Mack, First United Methodist Church

“Lela Davidson stands out as one of our better programs as she quickly engaged the audience with questions, statistics and personal anecdotes on the topic of Social Media.  Although most of the audience was familiar with her topic, there were take-a-ways for both the novice and the savvy users of SM. I look forward to her return for Part 2!” ~H.B. Fink, for Rotary Club of Springdale, AR

“Thank you so much for speaking to Women In Networking. We had a great turnout and I think it has a lot to do with you being the speaker. The ladies had only great things to say about it. You are hilarious and I love that you are so brutally honest.” ~Rhonda Porter, Women In Networking

“Relatable. Witty and sharp. Lela’s tips on “making time for the things you love” put into perspective the things that deserve our utmost attention and those that don’t. Her tips on time and social media management have helped our league avoid these time-eaters and energy-drainers.” ~Niccole Poole, Junior League of Tuscaloosa

“The morning after Lela spoke to our League my email box was flooded with words of praise. She really inspired our members and their feedback included everything from ‘I think I need a life change’ to ‘Sign me up to head up the benefit committee’ to ‘What she said really spoke to me.'”  ~Joan Cornellier-Travers, President of the Junior League of Westchester on the Sound, Mamaroneck, NY

Work Life Balance Speaker Lela Davidson

Select groups, companies, and conferences Lela has spoken to: 

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit
First United Methodist Church of Rogers
General Mills
John Brown University
Junior League of Fort Smith
Junior League of Kansas City
Junior League of Northwest Arkansas
Junior League of Tuscaloosa
Junior League of Westchester on the Sound
Kansas City Writers League Annual Conference
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
National Association of Electric Cooperatives Annual Conference
Oklahoma Writers Federation Annual Conference
Ozark Writers League Annual Conference
Rogers Lowell Chamber of Commerce
Rotary Club of Springdale Arakansas
University of Arkansas
Women in Networking
WordPress WordCamp

Work Life Balance Speaker Lela Davidson

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