Parenting News Predictions for 2013

In 2012 we were shamed by superior French parenting, gawked at Honey Boo Boo, and witnessed potty training at a restaurant table. What will 2013 bring? We have no idea. But, here are our best, tongue-in-cheek guesses for top parenting news stories in the new year.


To address pressure from breastfeeding proponents and detractors, baby formula makers will introduce a full body Mommy Doll. This lifelike facsimile will provide simulated lactation, allowing children to nurse well into their school years without interrupting mother’s schedule or offending innocent bystanders with a glimpse of actual breast.

Having It All

Young men will start to a national conversation about the inability to “have it all.” This will be a short-lived movement, ending soon after it is brought to their attention that “having it all” has nothing to do with all-you-can-eat chicken wings.

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