Reviews of Blacklisted from the PTA


Assuring parents they are not alone in drowning in the sea of responsibility, “Blacklisted from the PTA” is a treasure trove of fun for parents who are in desperate need of some of it.  ~Midwest Book Review

Lela Davidson’s Blacklisted from the PTA is a hilarious and honest take on motherhood. With her laugh out loud funny writing style and her laser focus attention to detail, Davidson will crack moms up and make them say, “Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking.” A truly entertaining read for any exhausted mom or mom-to-be. ~ Kelly Wallace, Chief Correspondent, iVillage/NBC Universal

Birth, babies, tooth-fairies, baking, junk drawers, car trouble, computer viruses, the PTA, date nights, big box stores, family travel, and girlfriend getaways—no suburban stone goes unturned in this promising debut by Lela Davidson. This collection of quickie-read essays serves up a sly look at suburban bliss. The book is in brief episodes like Carrie Bradshaw meets Desperate Housewives, only Davidson is anything but frantic. Instead she’s sassy, smart, and seductive with her wry coverage of the middle-class trenches. Tongue in her cheek and pen in her hand, just when we all needed it most, Davidson brings family funny to the fore. Moms especially will appreciate the laughs. ~ Christina Katz, author of Writer Mama and Get Known Before the Book Deal

I so dearly loved this book. Funny, witty, insightful and the perfect read when you’re hiding in a bathroom stall during a PTA meeting. ~Wendi Aarons, Humor Writer and Mouthy Housewife

From getting busted by the cops for backyard karaoke to a top ten list for literally getting blacklisted from the PTA, Lela Davidson’s collection is witty and light. Perfect for red lights. – Rita Arens, editor of Sleep Is for the Weak

“In Blacklisted from the PTA, Lela Davidson strips away all the glossy perfection of motherhood and marriage as sold to us on the covers of Parenting and Cosmo. Instead Davidson gives us the true glimpse of a woman progressing through the evolving stages of her life as part of a modern family living in the burbs, and she does so with both a buoyant charm and twisted humor that keeps you giggling from cover to cover. Anyone who reads this book will wish they had Davidson as a best friend because her hilarious honesty and insights on raising children, loving her husband, and accepting middle-age make it feel safe for us to confide that we are not the flawless parent or spouse as dictated by society, but rather that we are human, and that’s perfectly okay.” ~ Ron Mattocks, author of Sugar Milk

Lela’s essays prove to be a rewarding read from the first page to the very last. This entertaining and thoughtful collection of essays will reassure readers that, if nothing else, they are not alone in their ‘unperfectness,’ and that it is not only ‘okay’ it should be celebrated. ~ Kimberly Enderle, Editor-in-Chief, Peekaboo

Fresh, insightful, and clever! Lela Davidson never allows her writing to sink into the Hallmark cliches of what motherhood is supposed to be. Instead, she shares the brutal and hilarious truth about what it means to be a mommy in today’s world. Readers will recognize their sisters, their BFFs and themselves in her witty accounts. ~ Kiki Bochi, Editor, Broward Family Life

In Blacklisted from the PTA, she has succeeded in writing a universal collection of short personal stories that are shockingly honest! The fact that each story is a juicy 5 minute confession is so addicting, I’ll admit I squeezed in “ just one more,” one too many times. In Blacklisted From the PTA, Lela Davidson presents the thoughts you think, but somehow, writing them down is pure genius…and pretty damn funny. ~ Christine Candelaria, Blogger and iVillage Contributor

Lela Davidson is smart, creative, talented, and witty. She can be in my PTA anytime. Heck I’d vote for her as President! ~ Kamron Whitehead, PTA President

I’m not married and I don’t have kids, but I still laughed reading Blacklisted from the PTA. Lela Davison has a knack for describing the pain of suburban living in a way that makes you do a spit take on your boxed wine. ~ Lori Bremer, National Account Manager

Lela Davidson is the Erma Bombeck for a new generation. Her suburban housewife, mother, unpaid volunteer experiences provide her material for humor that every female and male reader can relate to. I look forward with great anticipation to the witticisms Lela will share with us in the years to come. ~ Becky Jouett Koonce, Past PTA President

Whenever I’m having a bad day, I turn to Lela Davidson’s writing. She always makes me laugh. Out loud. ~ Lisa Gray, Designer & Reluctant PTA Queen

Lela Davidson’s writing is funny, refreshing, and offers a new perspective on the trials and triumphs of everyday living with kids, spouses, and life in “regular” America. Lela thinks what we’re all thinking but has a way of telling a story that can make us look at our own lives a little differently and with more humor than we might have imagined. Her observations start conversations. She laughs at herself and her own life, which in turn allows readers laugh at themselves. I am thrilled that these essays have been collected in one place so that I can enjoy them over and over again.  ~ Angie Albright, Non-Profit Executive Director

Written for readers with a short attention span (the chapters are only a few pages each), Davidson knows how to connect with her audience, sharing stories that any parent can relate to.  ~Sondra Santos Drahos, Happy Healthy Hip Parenting

You can’t help but laugh as she points out the challenges being an older mom can bring and how celebs aren’t dealing with the same reality the rest of us are.  ~Babble Famecrawler

Thank you, Lela, for going public with all the grit most of us are thinking, but are afraid to say out loud for fear that a Super Mom might be listening.  ~Bethany Culpepper

I am only in the middle of reading my advance copy of Blacklisted From the PTA, but I am totally in love.  ~Kerrie McLoughlin, The (Mommy) Kerrie Show

I have not laughed so hard in a long time. This book is a must read for Moms, soon to be Moms, Grandmas, and even Aunties that want to catch a glimpse of the joys of motherhood with an honest look.  ~Cariann McCready Unionvale Homeschool

This book is perfect for bringing with you and reading on the go.  ~Little BGCG

She mocks nothing, though, as mercilessly as she mocks herself. From hiring a cleaning lady so she can spend more time watching American Idol to committing high crimes against the environment by (gasp) giving up cloth diapering, we love her because she’s brutally honest and totally hilarious.  ~Alyssa Chirco, Parenting Squad

Lela writes about the real issues of being a wife and mom while finding the time to drink wine from a box in her driveway.   ~Brandi Barnett

What mom won’t appreciate the fact that there’s finally an author that really gets it, that can actually help us laugh about the decks that we’ve each been dealt?  ~Janis Brett Elspas, Mommy Blog Expert

Readers will laugh, cry and say “Oh, that’s not me.” Right!  ~Carol Hoyer, Reader Views

I had tears rolling down my cheeks when Lela recounted the story of getting lost on the way to the out of town hockey game…. because she had the wrong address (I did the same thing this past soccer season myself!)… and I wondered if I could ever get up the nerve to try the pole-dancing class at the Vegas strip club that Lela and her gal-pals checked out! (Many cocktails would be needed!).  ~Sharon Rowley, Mom of 6