Quoted by Glamour: That’s Glamorous!

Lela Davidson opinion on breastfeeding professor.

So this was exciting… Glamour quoted from my post on TODAY Moms about the breastfeeding professor. They even quoted one of my favorite parts:

“We do a lot of things on public transportation that we wouldn’t do on the job. I, for example, like to read my Kindle and write the occasional bad poem. Other people talk to themselves and clip their toenails. Maybe this should not be the standard.”

I don’t read a lot of the comments on something like this, because people are mean, but I really enjoyed this one from  alanna5:

I think that breastfeeding in public is fine, but when Im at work at a meeting giving a presentation I don’t stop and take my yogurt and snack on it between powerpoint slides.

Which leaves me feeling conflicted because while I have been known to bust out some beef jerky during a sales pitch, like alanna5 I draw the line at a snack that requires a utensil–and breast milk doesn’t.

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Image: screenshot from Galmour.com

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