Second Story Writer’s Workshop: Startup Circle


Welcome to Second Story Writer’s Workshop: Startup Circle!

No experience required.

If you are ready to start writing, or start writing AGAIN, this is the place for you.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop does not cater to “published” writers or “serious” writers or “talented” writers. Although if you are any or all those things, we welcome you.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop is for people who want to write. Period.

And because a writer is someone who writes, we’re going to get you writing. Right away.

I can absolutely promise you that writers — new, old, lapsed, and those currently only dreaming of writing — will leave Startup Circle sessions with ideas and drafts that are seeds for stories, poems, essays, articles, or entire books.

Writers will also leave with concrete skills and tools they can use over and over again to keep the words moving onto the page.

Why Second Story?

Second Story Writer’s Workshop is a place to hear the truth about your words. And the truth is that everyone can tell beautiful and powerful stories. We help you find your truest, best voice and practice using it more often.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop builds your creative confidence, session by session. Because you’re not getting out the door without having scribbled some words onto the page. We will tie you to the chair if we have to. With nice ribbon.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop gives writers tools to cut through procrastination and overwhelm so that they spend less time thinking about writing and more time actually writing.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop is not specifically focused on publishing, but who are we kidding? Every writer I know wants to be published like a dog wants a bone. We will help you get there and celebrate your success when you do.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop is super supportive and ridiculous fun.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop helps writers of all experience and commitment levels make time and space to write, and to get feedback on their works in progress.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop ensures that those who want to write, write.

Second Story Writers Workshop is pure creative goodness, group support, and professional insights, wrapped in a bow and delivered with a smile, a sparkle, and a smirk.

How Does the Startup Circle Work?

Second Story Writer’s Workshop Startup Circle is a structured group writing experience for anyone who wants to write. All you need is a notebook and a pen. (You can use a pencil, but it’ll smudge.)

Every week we will spend brief periods actually writing to a prompt that is designed to teach a specific concept, or designed allow writers practice a particular technique. These writing exercises are structured, but allow for complete freedom for the writer to work in any genre, and to direct the writing in any way that works for them. Writers will have the opportunity, but never the obligation, to read fresh writing out loud to the group to get feedback on the parts that are especially strong.

Writers will also be able to submit manuscript pages to the group for responses, or they can choose to keep their writing private. Every writer will be supported and nudged into a deeper relationship with their writing, emerging as a more confident, more creative writer.

Shiny, Happy Writers Love Startup Circle:

Untitled design (11)“Lela was completely honest about her own need to create and stick to writing routines, and that put everyone in the room at ease. This is not a workshop led by someone who asks you to buy their books and reminds you every week to interact with her on social media – it’s a place for writers to make real progress toward self-set goals and find community with others doing the same. I would recommend six weeks with Lela to anyone who wants to write more, start writing, or just see if writing is really what they want to do.”
~Laurie Marshall, Freelance Writer / Social Media StrategistUntitled design (12)

“Lela is exciting, inspiring, and perceptive. I am writing again and loving it! This workshop was the most creative fun I’ve had in years.”

~Marie Clapper, Media Executive / Playwright, Author Everyday Matters: One Woman Savors Ordinary Days in Extraordinary Ways

Untitled design (13)“Second Story Writer’s Workshop was exactly the shot in the arm my creativity needed. I had let my writing languish, and I was having a hard time getting my rear end in the chair to write regularly. The work in a group setting was motivating and validating. We also did a lot of writing exercises and “process” work that pushed my creativity and writing to a new level.I didn’t just rediscover my creativity. I found out that I had stores of creativity that I didn’t know were there. I also learned numerous strategies for developing a regular, productive writing practice that can spur both productivity and creativity. I would recommend this workshop to would-be and new writers as well as veterans in all genres.” ~Angie Albright, Non-Profit Fund Development Professional

Untitled design (14)

“I left the workshop with 101 (!) pages of writing, countless ideas and essay concepts to revisit, the motivation to relaunch and rethink my blog, confidence and enthusiasm that had been otherwise waning, and something else I didn’t anticipate I gained an intriguing, diverse, supportive group of writer friends.”

~Beth Stephens, Influencer Marketing Executive
(Read Beth’s full blog post about Second Story here.)

Joining a writer’s workshop was intimidating since I don’t really consider myself to be an actual bonafide “writer.” Lela put my anxiety to rest the moment I stepped into the first session. She is a welcoming, hilarious and inspiring leader and the group of writers in the room encouraged and challenged me to write more often and rethink my reasons for doing so. I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough!

Jenny Marrs, Founder, Feed Their Tummies

Update: The Winter 2017 session is open for registration!

We will meet Saturdays, January 14 – February 16, 10am – Noon in Rogers.

Second Story Writer’s Workshop Startup Circle includes:

  • 6 weeks of structured group writing experiences
  • Creative skills students can apply again and again to all kinds of writing projects
  • Private Facebook group for encouragement (and ass-kickery) between sessions
  • New writer friends, fearless and fun every one

Your investment for this program is $199

Reserve your spot now! They will sell out quickly.

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  1. I would like to reserve a spot for the Sept – Oct. 2016 Second Story workshop session; however I would prefer to pay by cheque — please let me know how I may do this, if possible ASAP — thank you kindly,
    Kelly Maddocks

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