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Tales from the South

I have been holding onto this one for a while, waiting for them to update the website, in part because I didn’t believe it could possibly be true. Surely they’d wise up. Because this is bigger than conference clarity. It’s bigger than my fabulous new job.

This is NPR. (<—- !!!!!)

Tales from the South. It’s official on their website and they can’t take it back now. I’m officially Southern, or a Southern writer, at least. (Hey, I qualify. I checked.) If you’re anywhere near Little Rock, Arkansas, please come see the show on September 10th at the Starving Artist Cafe in the Argenta Arts District. I will be reading and interviewed and there’s music! Beverages, too. What could be better?

The show will be broadcast on the local NPR (!!!!) affiliate, KUAR on October 10th and then… ready for it? Distributed to NPR stations and satellite radio AROUND the word. That is legit.

I could not be more excited. Really, I mean, NPR. This must put me like three degrees of separation from Terry Gross.

Can’t tell you what I’m reading, but I will give you a tease: The story does not take place in the south. And some of you know it, but you haven’t heard the whole thing. Also, it’s one of my favorites.

Will I see you in North Little Rock September 10th?