Reviews for Who Peed on My Yoga Mat?

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Lela Davidson’s stories are so heartwarming and hilarious, you’ll feel like she’s your best friend and wish she was your neighbor. Her essays are like eating carbs, the more you have, the more you want.  ~Robin O’Bryant, author of Ketchup is a Vegetable and Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves

Lela Davidson is fifty shades of hilarious. After reading this book, you’ll never look at a yoga mat or shower scrubber the same way again.  ~Jenna McCarthy, author of If It Was Easy, They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon: Living with and Loving the TV-Addicted, Sex-Obsessed, Not-So-Handy Man You Married

She might have been “Blacklisted from the PTA,” but I LOVE Lela Davidson! With her irreverent approach to parenting and wicked sense of humor, she’s the hilarious bad mother you’ll want for your best friend.  ~Tracy Beckerman, syndicated humor columnist and author of Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir: How I Got Pregnant, Lost Myself, And Got My Cool Back in the New Jersey Suburbs

The laughs don’t stop in Lela Davidson’s new book of essays Who Peed on My Yoga Mat?  You can read the single serve essays when you only have a few minutes to be entertained, but you can’t just read one! You want to read them one after the other because they’re that good and that engaging. It’s the crack cocaine of parenting humor. And what a voice she has! When you read Davidson’s words you’ll feel as if she’s right there reading to you. So don’t keep it in the bathroom. And don’t pee on Lela Davidson’s yoga mat. She doesn’t like that.  ~Eric Ruhalter, author of The Kid Dictionary: Hilarious Words to Describe the Indescribable Things Kids Do

Reading Lela’s Davidson’s stories about middle American motherhood is like having the good luck to sit next to someone at the soccer meet or school fundraiser who turns out to be wickedly smart, unexpectedly subversive and terribly funny. You just know you will be friends.  ~Kyran Pittman, author of Planting Dandelions: Field Notes on a Semi-Domesticated Life

Self-effacing, witty and insightful–loved it! We can all relate to the “am I doing this wrong?” feeling in Lela’s writing. She’s like the coolest, funniest mom you could hope to sit next to at the playground.  ~Diane Mizota, host of Yahoo Shine’s Away We Grow

Lela Davidson is smart, witty, and brazenly candid. Reading this book induced a potpourri of reactions from knowing nods, to incredulous shock, to drink through my nose laughter. Davidson explores the quirks of everyday life as a mother, wife, and independent woman. Through candor and self-deprecating prose she shows us how to find humor and joy in almost any situation.  ~Rob Sachs, author of What Would Rob Do?: An Irreverent Guide to Surviving Life’s Daily Indignities



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