Stages of Re-Entry: Mom Goes Back to Work

working mom

I’ve been writing lately about my new job and how exciting it is. But change is hard and the whole family has been adjusting to the new schedule and responsibilities. Some days are so easy I wonder what all my fuss is about. Others make me realize how hard the “working moms” have been working all these years. I’m in awe of all of us. Calendars and schedules aside, there’s an emotional ride to these readjustments as well. I believe I’ve stumbled upon the five stages of re-entry.

Thrill and Terror

It was impossible to imagine what life would be like after I went back but that didn’t stop me from making up multiple scenarios. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be awful. Repeat. In my vivid imagination I was a camera-ready executive striking deals in stilettos. I was also a weeping lump on the kitchen floor after finding out my children turned into Molly-popping twerkers in their newfound two-hour window of freedom each afternoon.

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