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This is the formula. It’s not easy to find your voice, to live your purpose.

But find and live you must, because someone somewhere needs your particular brand of badassery right now. Today.

One word, one line, one story at a time. That’s how you change the world.

For a petite monthly investment

you get all the Craft and Community you need…

to unleash your Kickass Courage into the world.


Early on in my writing career I thought that Writing, big writing with a capital W, required great spans of time for me to sit and think and then put those thoughts into words on the page. I felt frustrated and guilty because my life did not allow for great spans of time dedicated to coming up with my next cleverest thing to say.

Weeks would go by when I didn’t write anything. During those times I thought about writing, but I didn’t do writing. I can’t tell you how many evenings I’ve sat in front of the TV, for 20 or 30 or 60 minutes, feeling like a failure for not writing, and truly believing that I could not find the time to write.

What is wrong with that picture? If I’m being honest, this habit hasn’t been confined to my early writing life. I spent most of 2016 convincing myself I had no time to write. The truth was I was avoiding a single essay that refused to get where it needed to be.

I have this annoying friend who is always posting about his writing on Facebook. The most annoying part is he will often let us all know when he is writing for 20 minutes, or 10, or even 5 minutes. I usually read those posts in the evening, as I’m spending time scrolling Facebook while passively consuming some show that I could watch literally any time.

The truth was, despite my friend’s success with short spurts of writing, his prolific output and compelling stories, I didn’t really believe that I could get things written in just minutes at a time. Even though I had learned early on to write anywhere, amid all kinds of distraction, I still didn’t believe that writing for any duration of time was also a viable strategy.

I had to get over my resistance long enough to try it for myself. While I’ve always known that short, timed prompt-based free-writing was great for getting my writing warmed up, I mostly used them as starters for longer sessions. But what if instead of the warm-up, these short stints were the writing session?

If I could truly get things written in 5-minute blocks, then I’d never have to go another day without writing again. Because no matter how much time I had to write, I’d at least move something forward by five minutes worth.

When I decided to start applying short prompts directly to the work at hand, and working for very short periods of time, my words started to flow. The trick is in truly being okay with a micro-block of time, and once you do it for a while you come to realize that all those little blocks add up to something big over time. I call this the Effortless Draft.

Nothing feels better than having written. Putting this new practice into practice I wrote an 800-word essay bit by bit every night one week. I wrote for only a few minutes at a time, only what felt easy, and I stopped when I got tired. And this wasn’t anything new.  I wrote Blacklisted from the PTA on borrowed and stolen time. I wrote my next two books on a schedule, but somewhere along the way I had forgotten the power of Writing Short, squeezing big work out of small stretches of writing time.

Anyone can find five minutes a day. And anyone can make real progress in five minutes. With practice, once you learn to stop thinking and keep writing anyone can write 250 words in five minutes. That’s one manuscript page, and if you do it every week day for a year, like we do in Write Clique, that’s a book’s worth of words. In five minutes a day.

You don’t need more time, you need someone who cares that you write, who believes you have a message, even when you don’t know what your message is yet. You need someone who cares that what you have to say is stuck inside your head, instead of out here in the world where it is meant to be.

Admit it, you’ve listened to the mean girl voices who said writing was a waste of time, that your ideas weren’t special, that everything worth saying has been said before by someone better than you.

It’s easy to give up on writing.

But writing doesn’t go away. It just keeps nagging at you until you let it in and feed it some ink. Writing is a pain in the ass, if you want to know the truth. However, here we are– stuck with it. May as well have some fun.

And make our voices count.

I would recommend six weeks with Lela to anyone who wants to write more, start writing, or just see if writing is really what they want to do.

Laurie Marshall, Freelance Writer

Lela is exciting, inspiring, and perceptive.

Marie Clapper, Media Executive & Playwright

Second Story Writer’s Workshop was exactly the shot in the arm my creativity needed.

Angie Albright, Non-Profit Executive

Lela will get you pointed in the right direction.

Beth Stephens, Marketing Executive

Lela is a welcoming, hilarious and inspiring leader. 

Jenny Marrs, Founder, Feed Their Tummies


Write Clique has your back.

Write Clique will circle around you and save your place at the cool kids table. We will also call you out on an any excuse in your bag of tricks. When you belong to Write Clique, you’ll never not know where to start again.

Whether you are working on your great masterpiece or just dabbling around in a cheap spiral notebook, Write Clique will get your butt in the chair and your fingers wiggling.

That is the only way you can hope to log the practice hours required to hone your voice.


Instead of wondering if writing is a waste of time, you’ll develop confidence in your own voice.

Instead of feeling anxious about what to write, when to write, how to write, or whether you should be writing at all, you’ll scribble in tranquility because you know you’re making progress. Word by word, page by page, story by story.

Never doubt that your story can change the world.

Instead of floundering in distractions, you’ll feel purposeful as you work through creative goals intentionally, gently, committing to what you know you can accomplish in a given week. Sustainability is the name of this game, and all we do is win.

Instead of feeling guilty, lazy, and frustrated by procrastination, you’ll be clear, creative, and more productive than ever.

Let’s get your voice out in the world, where it can do some good.


Write Clique is simple, powerful, and ridiculous fun.

What you get:

Savage Starters

Very early Monday morning, you’ll receive a week’s worth of daily writing prompts to get you going. In only 5 minutes, these carefully crafted prompts will get your pen moving and your mind wandering.

Secret Society on Facebook 

This is where we dish, wish, and sometimes play Go Fish. For words. A community of writers can be the difference between getting down or getting it done. Write Clique is your support system. When the muse or the blues hit you, your community will be here to push you back to the page. 

BONUS: Prep School Sessions

Periodically, I’ll be coaching you live on a recorded conference line that you can access any time. We’re going to keep these lessons light and fresh. Because nothing is so fickle as a muse. So while we’re focused on creating a consistent practice, members of Write Clique will also have plenty of opportunities to LEARN and PLAY!


Need to know more? Email me!


When can I start?

Whenever you’re ready! Write Clique is an open enrollment program. You will receive your first challenge as soon as you join.

Is this an online program or in person?

100% online!

Are there lessons to complete within a certain time period or is it self-paced?

Everything is designed to help you craft the writing practice that works for you. Savage Starters are delivered to your inbox weekly, and Prep School Sessions will be recorded and archived so you can listen any time.

What if I want to cancel?

Write Clique is a pay-as-you-go monthly program. You are free to cancel any time and you will not be billed for the next month.

How often will I be charged?

Every 30 days, starting with the day you join.

How can I get in touch with you?

Email me anytime at lela@leladavidson.com

Questions? Email me!

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